One Punch Man: Japanese Anime Show

What is Anime?

Anime is a term generally used to denote a style of Japanese animation and has around a lot ever since 20th century.  Nowadays, anime and its comic book are hugely popular in Japan and beyond with an industrial value of 15 billion US dollars. It doesn’t include TV series for children but also movies and TV shows for adults.  Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away, Your Name are some of the popular blockbuster anime movies shows. Another famous series that catches the eyeball back then were from Dragon Ball and its upcoming series dragon ball super season episode 126 is a much-awaited anime of the year.

The world of Anime is quite interesting, enticing and unique and it covers a huge range of genres, like romance, drama, horror, science-fiction and a lot more. Some shows even have more genres like mecha and cyberpunk (robots). In other countries, anime is not only a Japanese series of animation but more of it is like an art style that the Japanese use as their culture.

In this post, we present you one of the famous anime series of all times namely, One Punch Man. Well, soon dragon ball super season episode 126 will leave the imprints on the audience. Dragon ball series are of the most talked about, famous and loved by the audience.

One Punch Man

Lately, One Punch Man came out rocking and attracted a massive fan following. It’s inspirational in its theme and that’s the USP of this series. The entire craft revolves around the story of Saitama, an ordinary working class citizen who deep down wants to become a hero for all. But due to his lack of strength and a near to death experience, he transforms by training his body to the extreme.

 This transformation led to Saitama losing all of his hair but also rewarding him a superpower ability to punch his way through an enemy with a single blow and that’s One-Punch Man was born. On his journey, he teams up with Genos, a cyborg with the intention to see that Saitama thrives in his mission to make sure peace remains in the city.

Both Saitama and the other character of the story named Goku have a lot in common since two of them share the same vision and mission to save the world. They share mentor like features in battles and lead by examples through their will, hard work, and commitment. Each of the battles they go through is beyond epic. Stay tuned!


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