Washing Machine Buying Guide

Top Front or Load Load?

Traditional washing machines, top loading tend to be less expensive than front loading washing machine. But one limitation of top loading washing machines use an agitator to do the washing work that may actually damage your clothes. But many new top-loading models have a different cleaning mechanism — an impeller — that is gentler in your laundry.

Front loading washing machines use less water (up to 70 percent) and electricity than top loaders.

Front loaders also have a tendency to be more comfortable to use because people do not need awkward bending over the top to put clothes in and take it out.

Twin Tub

A washing machine with two tubs? Yes, such a thing is! At a twin tub washing machine, one tub washes and rinses the garments. After that is done, you take the clothes out and put it in the second tub, which does the spinning. This means you may wash separate loads of dirty clothes — darks and whites, delicates and cotton, etc. — in about half the time. Twin tub washing machines vary from 6kg to 14kg.

Washer Dryer Combos

If space is your real concern, a washer dryer combo is a great 2-in-1 alternative that may wash or dry clothes. This sort of machine allows you to do your washing machine and drying in one go, with minimal work. Typically, the dryers in these appliances operate like condenser dryers. But, instead of using cold air, they use cold water to condense moisture as it evaporates from the wet clothing. This implies condenser dryers use more water and energy than conventional dryers.

Washer dryer combos can vary in size from 6kg to 15kg. But it is important to note that a combo unit will have different capacities for the washing and the dryer because the latter requires a smaller drum to make space for air circulation. For instance, the unit shown below has a capacity of 7.5kg for washing and just 4kg for drying.


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Settings and Features

Sometimes it’s a washing machine’s features that really set it apart from other models. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, distinct features will attract you more.

If you are very busy and find it hard to make time for doing lots of washing, a delayed end feature is convenient because it allows you to run the washing machine immediately or while you’re on the job, finishing just in time for if you are prepared to attend it.

Busy people may also use a quick wash function that works a cycle in as little as 15 to 40 minutes.

A family with young children might look out for a pre-wash cycle which soaks heavily soiled items before washing them.

Based on your apparel, delicate, hand and wool wash settings can be immensely useful and help to save your energy and time too


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